Minnesota’s Hidden Water Park!

With over one dozen different commercial-grade water toys, your afternoons will be filled with fun and excitement. We offer options for all age levels from our monstrous water mat for the little ones to the big water launcher (think slingshot for people)! We’ve got water slides, trampolines, and lots of rideable toys. Not only is our beach and swimming area one of the best resort beaches in Northern Minnesota, it’s the best outdoor alternative to those stuffy indoor waterparks. Fun, sun, and fresh air, what more do you want from a water park?

View the individual videos below for a sampling of each water toy option. Did we mention this is all FREE and included with your cabin rental?

Water Tramp

Imagine the worlds largest inner-tube with a full-sized trampoline on top and you have our Water Tramp! Bounce with a friend and splash in the water or simply enjoy the most comfortable location to enjoy the sun.

Hydro Paddler

Your little ones can be the captain of their own boat! Just the right size for driving around the closer beach area. Every kid loves the challenge of maneuvering their vessel to shore – ahoy ‘matey!

Saturn (water float)

The Saturn is like no water toy you’ve ever experienced! Play king of the hill, bounce around the outside edge or practice your climbing skills. You and your kids will enjoy afternoons of fun on the Saturn. Please know the Saturn is not designed for the smallest children, it is for bigger kids.

Jumbo Water Mat

This monstrous floating water mat serves all ages and despite its simply form factor, children and adults of all ages simply LOVE our water mat. Stay cool while you enjoy the suns rays, or let your little ones practice jumping and diving from the low profile.

Stand-up Paddle Boards

Perhaps you have heard, stand-up paddle boards are the latest craze in water fun. The are both relaxing and challenging which may seem odd — essentially you can explore areas of the lake up close and personal. Maintaining your balance requires that you focus on keeping a low core.

Water Bikes

This is not your grandfather’s old style paddlebike. These new-age water bikes sit high and sturdy on the water and they are fast. You can cover a lot of water and explore lots of territory. You will literally feel like you are riding a bike on top of the water.

Soft Stepping Stones

Challenge your cabin-mate to see how many soft floating stones they can traverse. The best part is that the challenge lasts all afternoon! Who will be ‘King or Queen of the Stepping Stones’ this week?

Bongo Launch!

Get your camera ready and have your favorite friend launch you flying into the air. Kids literally spend hours flinging each other into the air! This video shows it all.

Rolling Log

Balance is key! You’ve seen similar devices on American Ninja Warrior and now you can try your luck on crossing the log. Better yet, challenge your brother, sister or cousin.

Rave Log

Try the fast technique or the slow and steady route – either way it is a guaranteed good time! Every week kids and adults come up with new ways to play on the simple inflated tube.